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  12. BulletOne of a Kind Trading

  13. BulletRobbins Table Tennis Specialties

  14. BulletJoola USA

  15. BulletAttack Table Tennis


  17. BulletBumpernets, Inc

  18. BulletMy Ping Pong Buddy

  19. Bulletnew: Best Outdoor Tables: We research, use, and review all the best outdoor ping pong tables on the market from Cornilleau, Butterfly, KillerSpin, JOOLA, and Kettler. Our site provides in depth feedback and comparisons between the top models. We offer unique photos, videos, and pros/cons on each outdoor ping pong table.

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  18. BulletUse of glue detailed by a letter to players at Beijing

  19. BulletA site everyone needs to visit! Be sure to check out the Forest Gump page!

  20. BulletGMTTC Club of the Month article, for the USATT, written by Ron Lewis

  21. BulletHigh-Tech falls for the net, an article about the popularity of Ping Pong at a Google facility

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  33. Bulletnew: A website all about playing Table Tennis on Concrete tables

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