More Details:

In case you want to know even more about us, there are many documents available for download. They are offered in the PDF format. These files can  also be made available as Microsoft Word files if requested. Please note, some of these are rather large files. 

  1. BulletGMTTC Constitution

  2. BulletCode of Conduct

  3. BulletClub Info Sheet

  4. BulletChallenge Board Rules

  5. BulletVermont Table Tennis Rating System

  6. BulletGMTTC Insurance Certificate

  7. BulletUSATT Affiliation Certificate

Boys & Girls Club Paddle Program:

The purpose of the Paddle Program is to provide an opportunity for players to meet and play different people in a competitive and fun atmosphere, earning a quality piece of playing equipment in the process.   This offers players a great way to tune and develop their game, and not be at a disadvantage due to substandard equipment, or lack of knowledge of the game.

Below is documentation of the program:

  1. BulletBoys & Girls Paddle Program

  1. Bullet The Green Mountain Table Tennis Club was formed with a substantial purpose in mind, and continues to support that mission, which can be found in its Constitution.  It states the following:

  1. Bullet To promote and further the sport of table tennis throughout our area;

  2. Bullet To provide an athletic and recreational activity for club members;

  3. Bullet To help develop sportsmanship and responsibility;

  4. Bullet To provide table tennis instruction to club members;

  5. Bullet To provide the opportunity for tournament level competition.

  1. Bullet Those are pretty lofty goals for any table tennis club, whether the club makeup happens to include some of the most gifted players in North America or some acquaintances who like to play the game, keep the winter fat off through the exercise they get by batting a tiny ball around, enjoying each other’s company, and/or perhaps win a trophy now and then as a symbol of their accomplishments with a paddle in their hands.  Our club symbolizes all that is good/great friends, great competition, individuals courteous to a fault, and we offer annual (non-sanctioned) “family” tournaments that attract players from all over the Northeast, numbering 47 major events to-date.  We must love what we’re doing, because we’ve been doing it for a long time now, approaching 30 years!

  1. Bullet The attraction of our club, located here in rural Central Vermont, is that it can be played by all levels of participation, from recreational to competitive.  Keep in mind the unseen benefits from playing “The Game,” especially for the youth of today, some of which we have listed here:

  1. Bullet    The game is inclusive;

  2. Bullet    Socialization: promotes team play, team work, respect and good

  3.         sportsmanship;

  4. Bullet    Heightened confidence and self-esteem;

  5. Bullet    Equal competition for males and females;

  6. Bullet    Little risk of injury (non-contact sport, injuries are rare);

  7. Bullet    Positive alternative to injurious activities and environments (sedentary and

  8.         time wasting computer and game addiction, TV watching, unsupervised

  9.         street activities);

  10. Bullet    Accessible to the physically challenged;

  11. Bullet    Inspires one to succeed in a positive environment, whether it be learning a

  12.         new skill or having fun;

  13. Bullet    Skills learned give a lifetime of athletic outlet.