1. Bullet Our club is blessed with having the finest tables in Vermont.  We have six nearly new Butterfly Europa Stationary tables, which were hand-picked for us at a U.S. Open by Homer Brown, who is the President and General Manager of Bumpernets, Inc. in Birmingham, Alabama, and who boasts having just played in his 43rd consecutive U.S. Open, a record.  Homer was a long-time player at our tournaments, and in his own words, “I enjoy your events more than any others in which I attend.”  These tables are some of the finest, if not the very best tables made in the industry.  They have been an official table of many U.S. Opens and international events such as the European and World Championships.  They are a simple two-piece design featuring a green, one-inch thick top for a consistent bounce, PVC edge, two-inch metal rail and sturdy two-inch wooden legs, with heavy-duty hardware.  Two small wheels are mounted onto each table half for easy rolling and transport; each half folds flat, which is unique.  USATT and ITTF approved.

  1. Bullet We own a total of 8 tables in total, all Butterfly tournament-quality tables.  6 tables are Butterfly Europas, 2 others are Butterfly Centerfold Rollaways.  All are in near-new condition, and all have green playing surfaces with the exception of one Rollaway, which has a blue surface.  We use Stiga National League cloth nets with all our tables, for easy adjustment and to perfectly compliment the quality of our high-end tables.  We also use small thin plywood inserts with the net standards so that the tables don’t get marred from the standards; nets are then re-adjusted for height.  The Rollaways were donated to us by a dear member who was no longer able to play this demanding game; they have adjustable feet for leveling and are a one-piece, fold and roll design that are perfect for our limited storage space and easy enough for one person to maneuver (although we always use 2!).  The Europas have 2-inch wooden legs, and each has 2 small wheels for easy rolling/transporting.  All playing surfaces are scratch-proof, surrounded by strong 2-inch steel rims, and incorporate sturdy hardware.  These are not your fathers’ backyard tables!

  1. Bullet We use only quality balls, the Nitakku Premium 3-Star, in both orange and white, and Butterfly 3-Star white.

  1. Bullet We provide new players with copies of the most current issue of Paddle Palace’s equipment catalog so that they can get a feel for the types of quality equipment available, plus the catalog almost always offers playing tips!

  1. Bullet If a new player does not have his or her own paddle, we have an inventory of approximately ten quality paddles that they are certainly welcome to use or borrow until they purchase a paddle of their own.  The current paddles that we carry are a quality assortment that we've pieced together from members' equipment.

  1. Bullet As a matter of courtesy and community support, we purchase ten new paddles at the beginning of each or every other season, giving those to be split among two Boys & Girls Clubs in Rutland County (Rutland and Brandon clubs).  We also provide these two clubs with balls and have given them quality net standards and nets for their tables.

  1. Bullet Keep in mind that our members are more than willing to let new players use their own or extra paddles that they have.  This way, a new player can really get to feel what a premium paddle can do for their game, and perhaps even purchase a quality paddle at a greatly discounted price!

  1. Bullet We made the investment in good tables because we thought it was very important to maintain a minimum standard for our members and players who attend our weekly practices and tournaments.  This standard is much higher than what is usually found at schools and recreation centers.  If the equipment is better, then more experienced players will be interested in playing with our club, and it is those players who expect decent equipment.  In short, everyone benefits from good playing conditions.

  1. Bullet We also had to turn away at the door a few years ago $5,000 worth of Stiga tables that became available through a promotional club program by Stiga and Paddle Palace.  We were lead to believe that those particular tables were the type that broke down and folded away into 2 separate halves just as do the Butterfly Europa tables do, but that didn’t end up to be the case.  In summary, we had no room in which to store those types of tables, with all the extra hardware that came mounted on them.  This was very unfortunate for our club in the long-term, but we were able to help out another local club by redirecting that shipment at the last possible moment before they were shipped back to the factory (and billed $1,000 for the extra shipping costs!).

  1. Bullet We also own a Newgy 2040 deluxe model Robo-Pong ball machine, which can use either the older 38mm ball, or the newer 40mm ball.  This quality machine can throw a ball at you with topspin, chop (underspin), sidespin in either direction, can oscillate at various speeds, have adjustable trajectories from groundstrokes to lobs, and has a variety of throwing speeds.  The machine is ready for play in just a few minutes, and includes a net that catches (most) balls hit back over the net by the practice player, and redirects (recycles) them to the ball machine for another "throw."  A player can hit balls for about 10 minutes before they have to stop the machine and pick up the stray-hit balls that didn't make it back into the machine.  We can use a gross (144) of balls with the machine.  We also have obtained a number of various accessories for use with the ball machine: nets to pick up stray balls, a ball caddy, a cover, a ball bucket extender, rubber drive cleaner, and more.  The Newgy was donated to us by a member of our club who was no longer able to play this demanding game -- Irv Abramson; we remain indebted to this gentleman for his incredible thoughtfulness.

  1. Bullet We have a huge inventory of cardboard that we use for playing partitions.  The cardboard comes in flat sheets as well as in rolls.  We tend to use much more cardboard for tournaments than we do for weekly practice events.  Cardboard deadens the balls, besides keeping them from traveling to unwanted areas of play. In our 2006-07 season, we purchased all new cardboard. The new material is much taller, longer and sturdier than what we had previously.

  1. Bullet We maintain an inventory of scoreboards for keeping score during certain final events at our tournaments, if requested by the players.

  1. Bullet Our entire inventory resides in a locked storage room, which we refer to as our ‘Pro Shop’.  We maintain a small inventory of table tennis products for the club as well as for sale to club members.

  1. Bullet Once or twice each season, the club orders products from Paddle Palace, the undisputed distribution king of table tennis products in North America.  Members are encouraged to add their own needs to these orders, as the orders alway exceed an amount that avoids shipping expenses.

  1. Bullet We also have available Club Shirts.  We feel the shirt design is one of the most stunning and handsome of any clubs' we've seen to-date (created by Dale Christie, Club member and Webmaster); it's design and coloration is also unobjectionable for tournament play.  It celebrates the treasured friendships that our members have enjoyed through playing a lifetime of table tennis.  Some of us have seen all 30+ years of the club, its 7 different playing sites, its 47 (and counting) tournaments, changes in playing rules and equipment, the passing of wonderful friends, and countless broken paddles and "busted balls."  Whether you're a member or not, you can proudly own one of our GMTTC-approved shirts for just $18 (plus $3 if we have to ship); sizes S, M, L, XL & XXL are presently available.  (All funds, of course, go towards our GMTTC Player Retirement Plan.)

Click HERE for those items in our club’s supply inventory that are for sale