Cost of membership at a gym: $50/month or $600+/year

Cost of a dinner and a movie for two: $50+

Cost of full tank of gas: $39+

Cost of a One-Day ski pass: $70

Cost of 2 large pizzas and 2 DVD rentals: $40

Cost of automobile loan: $300+/month

Cost of health insurance: $3000+/year

Cost of membership with GMTTC: $30/year !!!!!!

or just 18.5 cents per hour!

(54 meetings a year x 3 hours each practice = 162 hours / $30 = 18.5 cents per hour)

There is no pressure to join us right away. If you want to play a couple nights to get to know us better, no problem! We are all pretty laid back people and are more interested in having a good time. But if you do want to join our club, we have a VERY modest annual membership fee of $30. The fee is held to a minimum because we raise money from the tournaments we host and the generous rental fee charged by the Boys & Girls Club of Rutland County.

If you aren’t convinced that the price is a great deal, consider this:

A membership to GMTTC offers:

*Fun Sport of Strategy and Skill* 
*Aerobic Workout* 
*A Competitive Sport for Life*
*Terrific Recreation* 
*No Need to Spend a Fortune*
*Friendly Environment* 
*Fantastic Tournaments* 
*Improve Hand & Eye Coordination*